Youth Ministry

The Kwaluseni Alliance Youth has created a future view of its needs and the actions required to meet its goals. The youth operates under the vision, mission and fundamental values of the church to achieve its vision.

Youth Ministry Vision

Creating a Jesus loving and winning culture in 1000 young people at Kwaluseni by 2020.

Programs/ Objectives

The youth ministry structured its programs to enhance its effort to improve in the below strategic areas;

  1. Soul winning
  2. Discipleship
  3. Fellowship ( establishing strong and healthy relationships )
  4. Empowerment, Gifts and Talents

Youth Classes

  • Youth Services, every Saturday at 1400 hours.

Soul Winning Activities

  • Community outreach/Door to door
  • Harvest Monday (Once a month)
  • School Visits
  • Night of Stars
  • Hospital Visits
  • Campus Ministry (every Thursday and Sunday afternoon)

Discipleship Activities

  • Saturday Classes (every Saturday @ 1400 hours)
  • Encounter
  • Leadership Training
  • Youth Leaders Meeting (every Tuesday evening)

Fellowship Activities (establishing strong and health relationships)

  • Braai

Empowerment, Gifts and Talents Activities

  • Career guidance
  • Day of Stars
  • Skills and Talents Sharpening
  • Business Seminar